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Mark Hasegawa-Johnson,
2011 Beckman,
jhasegaw at illinois

Monday, Friday, 10-11,
106B6 EH;
Tuesdays 1:30-2:30,
Beckman 3369
Cliston Cole, ECE, clcole2 at illinois; MW 7-8pm
Ariel Moctezuma, ECE, amoctez2 at illinois
Brantly Sturgeon, ECE, sturgen2 at illinois
Corinne Nakashima, ECE, nakashi2 at illinois
Ryan Frasca, Aero, rfrasca2 at illinois
Iris Hsu, MechSE, mhsu7 at illinois
Manoj Kumar, MechSE, mkumar9 at illinois
Matt Petrucci, MechSE, mpetrucc at illinois
Olivia Cangellaris, BioE, ocangel2 at illinois
Richard Kesler, BioE, rkesler2 at illinois


Digital Signal Processing: Principles, Algorithms, and Applications. John G. Proakis and Dimitris G. Manolakis, Prentice Hall, ISBN 0-13-373762-4. Best for discrete-time/digital and signal processing material in the course (i.e., the final 11-12 weeks)

UIUC ECE 410 Course Notes, A.C. Singer and D.C. Munson (2007).

An online module about DFT-based spectral analysis and the Matlab scripts that generated some of the figures on this page, windows.m and zeropad.m.

Recommended Reading (on reserve at Grainger Engineering Library)

Linear Systems and Signals. B.P. Lathi. Berkeley-Cambridge Press. Particularly good on review of complex numbers and signals and matrices and vectors (Chapter B), analog Fourier series (Ch 6) and Fourier transforms (Ch 7), sampling (Ch 8), DTFT (Ch 9), DFT (Ch 8), and z-transform (Ch 5).

DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING by Thomas J. Cavicchi. Particularly good conceptual explanations and figures describing all concepts, but not many examples how to do the computations.

ANALOG AND DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING by Ashok Ambardar. Good overview of signals (Ch 2), Fourier series (Ch 5), Fourier Transform (Ch 6,7), DFT and spectral analysis (Ch 12), z-transform (Ch 13), pole/zeros (Ch 13), filter design (Ch 14).

DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING: A COMPUTER SCIENCE PERSPECTIVE by Jonathan Y Stein. Particularly good on signals, Fourier series and Fourier transform, STFT, and z-transform.

Supplemental Information

An online text about digital signal processing

An online chapter about complex numbers and their arithmetic, and their use in calculating amplitudes and phases of sinusoids

An online chapter with a very basic discussion of Fourier series, with nice visuals

Syllabus and Schedule

Schedule, Topics, and Readings for ECE 598
Week Date Topics Text
1 Aug 22-26 Overview; Period and frequency; Fourier Series Lathi, Ch 6.1; Munson/Singer Notes 1.1-1.5
2 Aug 29 - Sep 2 Review of complex numbers; Exponential Fourier Series; Fourier Transform Lathi, Ch B.1, B.2, 6.2, 6.3; Munson/Singer Notes 1.5-1.14
3 Sep 5-9 Fourier Transform and properties; impulse function Lathi, Ch 7.1-7.4; Munson/Singer Notes 7.25-7.28
4 Sep 12-16 Fourier Transform properties; time-domain sampling and quantization overview Lathi, Ch 7.1-7.4; Munson/Singer Notes 7.25-7.28
5 Sep 19-23 Discrete-Time Fourier Transform (DTFT) and properties Proakis, Ch 4.1-4.3, 4.5; Munson/Singer Notes 2.1-2.18
6 Sep 26-30 Discrete Fourier Transform, properties, and spectrum analysis Proakis, Ch 5,1-5.2, 5.4; Munson/Singer Notes 2.18-2.25, 3.1-3.10; An online module about DFT-based spectral analysis
7 Oct 3-7 Spectrum analysis, Sampling theory (A/D and D/A, time and frequency analysis) Proakis, 1.4 and 5.4; Munson/Singer Notes 3.1-3.10, 4.1-4.8 An online module about DFT-based spectral analysis
8 Oct 10-14 Equivalent analog frequency response of a digital system. Discrete-time system theory: linearity, causality, shift-invariance, BIBO stability; convolution Proakis, Ch 2.2.3-4, 2.3.2-6; Munson/Singer Notes Chapters 8.15-26, Ch 5.
9 Oct 17-21 Difference equations. FIR and IIR impulse (filter) responses. Z-transform and properties (linearity, shift, convolution). Transfer function of general recursive difference equations. Poles and zeros. Frequency response from transfer function. Proakis Ch 2.4, 3.1-3.3, 3.6.1, 3.6.3, 3.6.4, 4.2.6; Munson/Singer Notes Ch 6, 7.1-8
10 Oct 24-28 Notch filter design. Ideal filters. Standard IIR filter types. Generalized linear phase. Proakis Ch 8.1, 8.3.5, 8.2.1; Munson/Singer Notes Chapter 8.1-15, Ch 10
11 Oct 31-Nov 4 Physiology and psychology of hearing (Prof. Robert Wickesberg)
12 Nov 7-11 Generalized linear phase. Window design of FIR filters. Parks-McClellan (minimax) FIR filters. Proakis, Ch 8.2.1-2, 8.2.4 (overview); Munson/Singer Notes Ch 11
13 Nov 14-18 NO CLASS
14 Nov 28-Dec 2 Image processing: 2-D signals. 2-D Fourier transforms and filtering. Edge detection. Projection-slice theorem. CT tomography, MRI. Wavelet transform. Munson/Singer Notes, Chapter 15.1-7.
15 Dec 5-9 Review


Previous Semesters' Homework Assignments

Spring 2010

Software Laboratory Assignments

Matlab Codes for In-Class Demonstrations


Midterm Exam 25%
Final Exam: 8:00-11:00, ENG 106B6, Thursday 12/15 35%
Homework 20%
Matlab-based lab exercises 20%


Final Exam: Thursday December 15, 8-11 AM, Engineering Hall 106B6

Practice Exam

Here is a
practice final exam for helping you prepare for the final. It is somewhat longer than the final exam will be, but (along with the homework problems) should give you an idea of the style of questions, the difficulty, and the general topics to be covered.