Weeks; Lecture Topics and Important Events
1 Matched Filter, Lp-norm, Speech Production, Cepstrum, MP1 walkthrough
2 Speech Perception
3 PCA applications to face detection and recognition
MP1 due, MP2 walkthrough
4 Probability basics, Bayesian decision rule, Max-likelihood; Speaker identification
5 Bayesian Networks (BN) and EM algorithm
MP2 due, MP3 walkthrough
6 EM algorithm cont'd
Exam 1
7 Hidden Markov Models (HMM)
MP3 due, MP4 walkthrough
8 Audio/visual speech recognition
9 3D face modeling, analysis, and animation; MPEG 4
MP4 due, MP5 walkthrough
10 Spring Break
11 Image features, segmentation
Exam 2
12 Image/video databases, Relevance feedback
13 Audio scene analysis
MP5 due, MP6 walkthrough
14 Watermarking
MP6 due 4/24, MP7 walkthrough
15 MPEG-7
16 MP7 due
17 Exam 3

ECE 417 (Multimedia Signal Processing) covers characteristics of speech and image signals; important analysis and synthesis tools for multimedia signal processing including subspace methods, Bayesian networks, hidden Markov models, and factor graphs; applications to biometrics (person identification), human-computer interaction (face and gesture recognition and synthesis), and audio-visual databases (indexing and retrieval). Emphasis on a set of MATLAB machine problems providing hands-on experience. Prerequisite: ECE 310 and ECE 313.