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Weeks; Lecture Topics and Important Events
1 Cepstrum and speech production
2 Speech perception, MFCC, and MP1 walkthrough
3 PCA applications to face detection and recognition
MP1 due, MP2 walkthrough
4 Probability basics, Bayesian decision rule, Max-likelihood; Speaker identification
5 Bayesian Networks (BN) and EM algorithm
MP2 due, MP3 walkthrough
6 EM algorithm cont'd
Exam 1
7 Hidden Markov Models (HMM)
MP3 due, MP4 walkthrough
8 Audio/visual speech recognition
9 3D face modeling, analysis, and animation; MPEG 4
MP4 due, MP5 walkthrough
10 Spring Break
11 Image features, segmentation
Exam 2
12 Adaboost and object detection,
MP5 due
13 Adaboost and object detection.
14 Neural nets and MP7c walkthrough
Reading: Backpropagation MP6 due 4/21
15 Mahalanobis distance, metric learning, boundary detection
Reading: Mahalanobis distance, Shot transition detection
16 MP7 due
Exam 3 Review
17 Exam 3