Time and Place




Collaboration Policy

Homework problems should be written in groups of two or three students (no more than three). Each group of three students should work independently of every other. Only one of the three should submit the assignment. The assignment should list all three authors.

Different groups should not work together. You will lose points if:


Late Homework and Conflict Exams

Conflict exams and homework deadline extensions are granted as follows:

  1. More than 96 hours advance notice: Most reasonable justifications for an extension will be accepted only if you make the request at least 96 hours in advance. Note: this is 96 hours before the start of the exam, not the end of the exam.
  2. Extensions are generally not granted without advanced notice, except as listed below.
  3. Submitting your assignment a few minutes late is fine, where the definition of "a few" depends on how good your excuse is. Five minutes late is fine, even without an excuse. Fifteen minutes late is not OK, unless you have a valid excuse of some kind.
  4. Any assignment can be submitted any time, up until the end of December 13, with a fifty percent late penalty. This applies also to partial submissions, for example: You turned in 12 points out of 16 before the first deadline of the MP. Then you turn in the remaining 4 points before the Dec 13 deadline. Assuming you score 100 percent on each of those submissions, your total score would be 12 + 0.5(4) = 14.