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Internship Opportunities for CS 440/ECE 448 Students: Logos Care

Part-time Deep Learning Software Design Intern

Logos Care is a startup health care company developing wearable sensor technologies located at Silicon Valley in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are now hiring a part-time software design intern.

Job Description

The job duty involves implementing deep learning algorithms on wearable sensor signals using the Pytorch package. This position does not require designing the algorithms. We will be providing advice and instructions on the model and algorithm designs. The intern will be working 8 hours/week remotely during the Spring semester. Extension of this position to summer and fall is possible given satisfactory performance.

Through the guided hands-on experience, the intern will have the opportunity to deeply dive into many of the state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms, which could benefit his or her future research and work.


The following competencies are required:

  1. Proficiency in Python and Pytorch.
  2. Basic understandings in deep learning architectures for time series data, including convolutional neural networks and recurrent neural networks (GRU or LSTM), and the ability to implement them fast in Pytorch.
  3. Sufficient time commitment. This position is a part-time position during the academic semesters. Candidates should guarantee the 8 hours/week time commitment despite their course load and other routine responsibilities.

The following competencies are not required but preferred:

  1. Understandings in more advanced deep learning mechanisms, e.g. attention mechanism, Connectionist temporal classification (CTC), Viterbi decoding etc.
  2. Skills in parallel computing in Pytorch and other acceleration techniques.

If you are interested, please send an email to