CS 440/ECE 448 Artificial Intelligence - Exams

University of Illinois

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Exam 3 (Wed May 13, 19:00-22:00)

Sample Exam: Here is a sample exam, and here are its solutions. There may be a few more problems added to this sample exam before May 6, so if you download it before then, check back again on that day.

Date and Time: Exam 3 will be held Wednesday, May 13, from 7:00-10:00pm, on Compass. If you are currently in a time zone that makes it impractical to take a 7pm exam, please contact the instructor; a 7am section will also be available.

Coverage: about 1/3 of the exam will cover the first 2/3 of the course (lectures 1-20); about 2/3 of the exam will cover the last 1/3 of the course (lectures 22 and 25-36). Lectures 1, 21, 37, and 38 will not be covered on the exam.

Exam 2 (Mon March 30, 13:00-13:50)

Solutions for exam 2 are here.

Exam 2 was held Monday, March 30, from 13:00-13:50, using Compass. It was open-book, open-calculator, open-internet: you were allowed to Google for the answer if you want, but you COULD NOT COLLABORATE with any other human being.

Students who wish to take the exam from 7:00-7:50am Urbana time, instead of 13:00-13:50, should e-mail the instructor (jhasegaw@illinois.edu) to register for the 7:00 section.

The practice exam will be available from before 1pm on Friday March 27, until 2:00pm on Monday March 30, on using Compass. Here are solutions for the sample exam.

Lecture 23 (Wed 3/25) will cover some sample problems from this sample exam, and will also show you how to submit the exam solutions once you're done. Here are solutions for this practice exam.

Exam 2 will cover lectures 12-20. The topics are

  1. Probability
  2. Naive Bayes
  3. Bayes Nets
  4. Natural Language
  5. Hidden Markov Models
  6. Computer Vision: first lecture only (image formation, edge detection)

Exam 1 (Mon February 24, 13:00-13:50)