CS 440/ECE 448 Artificial Intelligence - Papers

University of Illinois

Papers (4cr only)

Students taking the course for 4cr need to complete two short literature review papers, about 6 pages each. The first is due April 3, and the second will be due May 6. Penalty for late submission is 10% per week, i.e., if it's 1-7 days late, the penalty is 10%; 8-14 days late has a penalty of 20%; and so on.

Details of the paper

For each of your papers, you should choose three papers from major conferences that address the same or closely-related problems from somewhat different perspectives or using somewhat different techniques. Do not include a paper that is a direct follow-on to, or response to, another paper in your list. Avoid pairs of papers that seem to come from the same research group or people who were recently in the same research group (e.g. a researcher and their thesis advisor). It's more interesting to write about parallel contrasting approaches.

Your paper should briefly summarize the three papers, analyzing how their methods and results compare and contrast. As you do this analysis, identify at least six more papers that are closely related to your three papers, e.g. earlier work they cite, other major approaches they reference. These additional 6 papers do not have to come from a major conference. Your should cite them with a brief explanation of how they are relevant. Also cite any other papers that you may have used as references.

Your paper should be about six pages (single-spaced, 10 point font), not including the bibliography and figures. It should be mostly text, with a small number of equations. Do not include a lot of equations, because that means you're diving too much into the details without trying to capture the main ideas.

The paper should be neatly formatted as a pdf document and submitted on gradescope.

Your second paper should choose a topic significantly different from your first paper.

Major conferences

Here is a list of major conferences to get your three main papers from. Please consult if you think I've forgotten a major conference or you would like to use a paper that's very important despite a less prestigious venue.

Core AI
Computer vision
Natural language
ACL, NAACL, EACL, EMNLP, COLING (All available at the ACL anthology web site.)
ICASSP, Interspeech
Machine Learning