AI: Collabs

University of Illinois

Collabs: General information

Each student is required to attend one collab/week. Collab sections will be assigned during the first week of class, and will be mandatory during the second week. You will be graded based on two things:

  1. Attendance and participation. TAs will check to see that you're signed in, and that you're participating in your breakout room. If you miss attendance at one Collab during the semester, it won't count against you; if you need to miss two or more, please contact your TA to discuss.
  2. Worksheets. After your discussion section, you should submit your completed worksheet on Gradescope. You are strongly encouraged to work on these collaboratively with other students in your discussion section; wrong answers will not be marked "wrong" if they are the majority vote of the students in your discussion section.

Worksheets and Solutions

You should be doing your worksheet during your collab section, and submitting at the end of each collab section. Since the worksheet questions are former exam questions, though, they will also be posted here, so you can use them to study for exams.