ECE 590SIP Speech Information Processing

University of Illinois

Course description

ECE590SIP is a graduate seminar for people interested in speech processing. Students may audit at will. Students registered for credit will each present one paper from the recent speech information processing literature (e.g., Interspeech, ICASSP, TASL) and/or your own research.


We meet Wednesdays, 16:00-16:50 on zoom.

DatePresenterPresentation Topic
January 29:Jinsong
February 5: Dariush
February 19: Shuju
February 26: John Current Techniques for Voice Conversion
March 4: Liming Multimodal Word Discovery with Image Regions and Phone Sequences
March 11: Jerome
March 18: Spring Break!
March 25: Heting
April 1: Jialu Multilingual Cross-lingual and Cross-tonal Transfer for Under-fesourced Asian Languages on CTC-based Acoustic Modeling
April 8: Mahir Incorporating articulatory feature information in ASR transfer learning
April 15: Leda Training Spoken Language Understanding Systems with Non-Parallel Speech and Text
April 22: Jerome
April 29: Haozhong