Best Student Paper Awards

Five Best Student Paper awards will be presented during the opening ceremony of Speech Prosody 2010. Award winners were selected on the basis of manuscript reviews. Out of the 145 student-authored manuscripts submitted to the conference, five manuscripts were selected whose independent review scores (both unweighted and confidence-weighted average) were the highest in the conference. In alphabetical order by surname, the winners are:

What did you say just now, bitterness or wife? An ERP study on the interaction between tone, intonation and context in Cantonese Chinese.

Carmen Kung, Dorothee Chwilla, Carlos Gussenhoven, Sara Bögels, Herbert Schriefers

Prosodic effects on temporal structure of monosyllabic CVC words in American English

Yoonsook Mo, Jennifer Cole, and Mark Hasegawa-Johnson

Evaluation of Juncture Strength using Articulatory Synthesis of Prosodic Gestures and Functional Data Analysis

Benjamin Parrell, Sungbok Lee and Dani Byrd

Acquisition of focus by normal hearing and Cochlear Implanted children: The role of musical experience

Ritva Torppa, Andrew Faulkner, Juhani Järvikivi, Martti Vainio

When intonation plays the main character: information- vs. confirmation-seeking questions in Majorcan Catalan

Maria del Mar Vanrell, Ignasi Mascaró, Francesc Torres-Tamarit and Pilar Prieto