Speech Tools Minicourse

University of Illinois

Meeting Schedule and Materials, Summer 2020

Meeting 1, Wednesday May 27, 8pm
WSL, vim, and bash (pptx, pdf)
More about how to use vim: https://github.com/caseykneale/VIMKiller
Meeting 2, Wednesday June 3, 8pm
git and github (pptx, pdf)
More about how to use git: https://xkcd.com/1296/, https://m.xkcd.com/1597/
Meeting 3, Thursday June 11, 8pm
numpy and pytorch (pptx, pdf, html, ipynb, py).
Meeting 4, Wednesday June 17, 8pm
autograd, nn, and optim (html, ipynb, py).
Meeting 5, Wednesday July 1, 8pm
transformers (slides: pptx, pdf; article: Attention is all you need; code: html)
Meeting 6, Wednesday July 8, 8pm
One-slide research summaries: John, Stephen, Zhonghao.
Meeting 7, Wednesday August 5, 8pm
Four proposals for fairness in speech recognition. PDF, TEX.