Speech Tools Minicourse

University of Illinois

Meeting Schedule and Materials, Summer 2020

Meeting 1, W 5/27, 8pm
WSL, vim, and bash (pptx, pdf)
More about how to use vim: https://github.com/caseykneale/VIMKiller
Meeting 2, W 6/3, 8pm
git and github (pptx, pdf)
More about how to use git: https://xkcd.com/1296/, https://m.xkcd.com/1597/
Meeting 3, R 6/11, 8pm
numpy and pytorch (pptx, pdf, html, ipynb, py).
Meeting 4, W 6/17, 8pm
autograd, nn, and optim (html, ipynb, py).
Meeting 5, W 7/1, 8pm
transformers (slides: pptx, pdf; article: Attention is all you need; code: html)