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Unless otherwise specified, all packages on this page are distributed under the Creative Commons 3.0 license.

Transcribed Speech: Audio and Video

Pronunciation Modeling

Speech Coded in ways other than transcription


Speech Production




Our central location is the UIUC-SST Github Group.

Mark supports the UIUC G2Ps and associated phonecode converters which are ports of work started at Jelinek WS15. He is also trying to port image2speech from the Jelinek WS17 group; he's got the first eight stages or so (of perhaps eleven) working.

Camille supports ASR24 as described in our ArXiV paper. He also supports MCASR and PTgen based on the work of the Jelinek WS15 group. He also wrote timeliner, which is kind of like Audacity, but with way more channels.

Kaizhi supports AutoVC repo based on his ICML paper.

Yijia wrote the infant-vocalize classifier.

Data Formats

Acoustic Features

Acoustic Modeling

Pronunciation Modeling


Multimedia Analytics

Audio Enhancement

Voice Activity Detection

Formant Tracking